Great Lakes Jr Hockey League





The Great Lakes Junior Hockey League, G.L.J.H.L. was a mainstay in the world of amatuer hockey when the game first became popular as an organized sport to develop the skills that young players posessed and train them to be player of the game.

After 20 years the G.L.J.H.L. became the North American Hockey League because it spread its influence out of its origional home of Detroit to other areas across the country. As competitive balance started to become an issue the G.L.J.H.L. name went for a new look and a new name that represented all of the teams in it, hence the North American Hockey League (NAHL).

We wanted to bring the name back, a symbol of Development, a name that once again would stand for the "players development of the game and how to play the game with the skill set to excel at the game"

The member teams of the G.L.J.H.L. are committed to the mission statement that was our motto over a quarter of a century ago, where other leagues have strayed away from the mission, we have have pledge to with it.

If you excel at every level of the game we are not for you but if development is you goal, to be ready to move to the next level than the G.L.J.H.L.  is the right place for you.

Our success story is documented as the only league ever to win the National Title in it's first season and have 19 offers to its players to move to the next level. We are the only league to be elevated to the next level, Junior B, four months after becomming a member of USA Hockey.

The G.L.J.H.L. will not make unfounded promises to you and give you unobtainable goals as others will but what we will promise you is simply this; if you work hard, committ yourself to be the very best you can, we will open the doors for you to move to the next level, either Tier I.II,III Juniors or College Hockey. Our large number of contacts thru out the hockey community gives us that advantage over the others. Be informed about what is good for you and your future in the game, make that decision and become a members of the G.L.J.H.L.